CyHi The Prynce – Slick Lyrics

Here's “SLICK” LYRICS performed by CYHI THE PRYNCE.

Slick, slick, slick, slick
Slick, slick, slick, slick
They slick acting like haters
They slick acting like hoes
They slick jocking my rocking
They slick jocking my clothes
I’m slick getting this money
I’m slick getting this dough
Erything this slick has been slicking all over my clothes

[Verse 1]
Watch you know about slick talk?
Nigga I’m a zone 6 boss
My neck is ice and my wrist frost
Tell them broke niggas get lost
My jeans peace that slick cost
You click weed, y’all slick soft
Don’t get hit with that dumper nigga
Tryna dump a nigga with that Chris Cross
I’m fresh as hell in this thick slick
Your girl I slick hit
Trust me dawg, I ain’t lying
I don’t tell the stories that’s slick writ
Took her to the crib, big 6
I swing wood, I sweet chick
My money long like Stacey Auburn
Bitch I’m balling on 66
Shawty slick be hain, all the misbehaving
You don’t get a hater fucked up
And I tryna be begging
I treat bitch like bank accounts
I will never be chasing
I slick be checking hoes,
Y’all slick be having


[Verse 2]
I’m slick this, slick that
I’m with a thick bitch with a 6 pack
She ask me how her hair look
I said I like it better when it’s slick back
Riding round with a slick rack
Got a lot of hoes, I’m a slick rack
Damn girl you fine as hell
End to that so sleep well
I’m slicker than a can of oil
Some hoes say I’m mean, some hoes say I’m spoil
If the bitch is Spanish, she cook all those compoyos
I slick be smoking tree, you slick be smoking soil
I’m talking slick, do you understand my swing?
With you’re still fucking with the same niggas
I used to swang with
You slick jelly, use your mind, cause you ain’t slick
I got these lames pissed
Cause I sleep with they main bitch

[Hook] X 2

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CyHi The Prynce Slick Lyrics

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