David Banner – Peoples 2 Lyrics

Here's “PEOPLES 2” LYRICS performed by DAVID BANNER.

I’m the captain of the ship with the hooked hand
Y’all niggers peed their pants looked shooked at me
Life said O-ee I just took the can
Down the burp then I crushed the can
Fuck you think you are
Fuck you think I am
You are domestic violence I am Vietnam
I’m a panic goon without a panic plan
God damn, like what happened to Louisiana
N I N Frank without an autobio
But niggers know I’ll still go ham
And paco fake boy out of old school broham

They say no if, as a buts but I think not
I love big butts like Sir Mix-a-Lot
And if was a fifth we’d all be drunk
My dick’s long like a baby elephant trump
And tell it to black man but a nigga get drunk
My nuts on your bitch like an NBA dunk
Don’t ask on the clump y’all nigga get swamped
Young hoes show boats while nigga gets sunked
Yeah money’s the root of evil but I stay and getting paid
Like walking in AIG with a fucking hand grenade
I south side nigga spitting fire G5 flier
I’mma do you to get around like Quagmire

D a v i d B a double n e r
Put rappers IR,
I be fly into a beat like CPR
They say it’s lonely at the time, we are
That’s why I let you all visit
Taped out the summer jail without no tickets
Ride in the bentley the mansion the white picket
VIP everything but then you gotta spit bitch
Or get rich,or die trying
You ain’t got no pride, I’m like 5 lions
Want to be stars, constellation Orion
I’m Tiger Woods in the earth with a five iron

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