Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy Lyrics


It’s just one in a million hearts that feel the way, the way I do x2
Am I the chrome man, am I not of great design?
Do I feel love like all of the others or this feeling only mine?
Are you my delicious game? Is it an obvious play?
I’ll eat like a lion and pretend I’m trying but we know it’s one in the same.

Am I one heartbeat away from receiving a damaging shock to my life and believing that love was a cost worth a witness and seeing a larger machine?
Fighting is futile but I can’t concede to interior beliefs that control and deplete you dismounting a love which has grown from beneath you an ancient machine.

We’re on the ground, we can’t go far,
God’s in the hands, as in their hearts,
A poison brain, pass through the day,
Point at the frame, around the flame,
Trust is a form, and as a breed,
I will protect, you from my needs,
We can go far, sit where you stand,
And on your heart, and on your man

It’s just one, in a million hearts, that feels the way, the way I do x2

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