ASAP Mob – Freeze Lyrics

Here's “FREEZE” LYRICS performed by ASAP MOB.

She was coming on to me, I was coming on to her
hit the town and shoot the breeze, baby don’t you fight because
she was making love to me, I was holding on to her
hit the town and shoot the breeze, baby don’t you fight because

Ah just give me that base she listen in the fros now give me that face
I ain’t tryin to chase tryin to get the third base
till I head the home run 321 we safe
damn she a look up grand now the look up
sweet sweet push up give me that gush up
I ain’t tryin spit game baby we can hook up
the ass now front so my nigga ain’t cutcha
then the day town stay nine
I’m in the state of mine like the dinner days fine
we can go to the condo and drink wine
she want to be my girl but it will take time
she like where the calm get why we drink wine
’cause the wine get you open hurtin through the great wines
first dinner lights close the drink blinds
then I scratch that kitty words in my cate nines
don’t spur show fur bitch real we greemin
pow learn no firm when the ship season
got em red bottoms look like your hills bleeding
I fuck the hundred bitches to these day we still speaking
and he still creeping got em still cheating

This ain’t like me and hatin
got em still cheatin yeah
got em still creepin, yeah
text me on the phone so the penny still licking, nasty
she came 4 times had to bitch tricking, trippin
jump up in the ride, loud how you ricking
then she went down, on love this speaking
I hadn’t dark tense it’s hard for them to see in
she bust em all loss em rollin he was leavin
desert for a reason only let the freakin
will you..that type of action
happen every dirt weaken
to gold type of trips, that’s my knowledge got freakin
I got a freeze and my proposal is came decent
she mob told her friends ’cause I’m here..
I saw your girlfriend last night about this money
and V that we’re beating
we getting money new V’s..season
westers form the champagne caught me
vision cop slapping kicking us to this ..for my speaches
hey baby a tall less split I’ma ..
so want a nigga spit you know we jump up in the high V
damn I think she call..just go diggin bitch caught the horse pazzin
I’m a cold nigga bitch and had the Porsche
you know the Porsche waggin for a dog cabin
I’m getting money so of course I’m braggin
I had the bitch holla like she was on sadic
but then get confused who my dog..

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ASAP Mob - Freeze Lyrics

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