Dwele – Obey Lyrics

Here's “OBEY” LYRICS performed by DWE.

First let me say I’m sorry
In case I go too far
But I don’t foresee a problem
For the fact that here you are!
And here I am, here’s my…
If you decide to stay
I swear you won’t regret this moment

But first I need you to obey
..it down, lost all…
Show your heart and put me….
I can be your…
But first obey!
Oh, oh, oh

If … one night
Accept me as your king
In return.. I’ll love you
My hand … no screams
Tap me once if it’s too much pressure
Tap twice if you need to breath
Don’t play tough if you’re not ready
Before you faint on me

Obey, stay in place
Oh, as I .. your ways
Don’t get mad if I berry your face
I’mma snatch your… right away
But first obey!
…loose your jeans
I can be your…
But first obey!
Oh, oh, oh

Slow it down, come it all over me
..take your time
The sun don’t come for a while
I’mma make sure you make me smile
Grind slow, no premature ..
I’m trying to work a…
Oh, oh,oh

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Dwele - Obey Lyrics

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