Planet VI – The American Nightmare Lyrics


You all niggas out there think that you’re living the American dream
Like niggas ain’t struggling, wake to fuck up
It’s the american nightmare, let’s go!

I’m young, black and getting richer!
Flamboyant, call me little richer
Take a look at this picture
Lyrical instagram, no filter!
I see you!
You all wasn’t prepared for me
I swear all you niggas are scared for me
I’m not a racist, I’m a realist
Even my white friends say they fear me!
You know!
I’m fucking a house wife of that letter
Why shouldn’t I, I’m live in that letter
For real!
I’m a 2012 black Panther
We’re the gift man, black Santa
They don’t want us to make money here
Ghetto niggers yeah, we all want to be millionaire
Money! Uptown, yeah I’m out of chip
I am America’s nightmare!
OK! Only a few survive right even my ghost is in a ghost
That means you can die twice!
I’m like the sun shining through the sky bright
Freshen deaf while in the air, that’s a suicide flight!
Ain’t another mother fucker living who can rhyme quite
Like me I’m bringing Malcolm X back to life!
Spike Lee,wondering why we’re cop killers like
Ice T, I’m a bad mother fucker who never hates on a rest
But I’m penetrating in their flesh
Big brother and lil brother Mick Hone and Mr. West
In their younger days, in other words we’re the best
I’m a renegade with better grades than D and F straight
A-s nigger, that’s the Alan Rowe flow
I’m the future cause I’m ahead of these niggers by light years
Now all these haters need to know
They call me anything ill, the american nightmare!

Ya nigger, we thought we was out here living the american dream
‘Til we saw your fucking faces so we figured you know what
Be them niggers nightmares ,
My motherfucking kids go to school with your kids nigga
I’m in the same tax bracket as you motherfucker I’m legit nigga
Shout out to the whole motherfucker squad
The tomorrows, Jamal,TO in this bitch
Slow, Make Love, Pain,P time
And the motherfucking leader of the packs
Motherfucking Planet VI,
Y’all niggers got me in the booth talking shit
I’ve been never been in a booth a day in my motherfucking life
And that’s what the fuck we gotta do for y’all bitches to hear us
Y’all motherfuckers need to be very afraid ’cause I ain’t gonna stop motherfucking talking
Until we at the motherfucking top
Receiving awards and shit
Nigga this the motherfucking journal radar bitch

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Planet VI - The American Nightmare Lyrics

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