Planet VI – Fuck A Intro Lyrics

Here's “FUCK A INTRO” LYRICS performed by PLANET VI.

[Intro: Uptown A.P]
Shit god damn mo fucker
You waiting not even knowing who I am mo fucker
Shit god damn mo fucker. You waiting not even knowing who I am

[Anything Ill]
Fuck the law. Nah I don’t regret it
Fuck the industry too yea I said it
Its no longer safe in the streets
Anybody can get it
All these wannabe stars with no talents never respected

[Both Together]
So we yelling fuck your car

[Uptown AP]
And your bitches your money and how u living cause we all tryna get it
Who wants to starve
My niggas working hard asking god
Could he ease the load they got like 3 or 4 jobs

[Both Together]
Saying: fuck your lies

[Anything Ill]
Let’s face the facts this world would be a little bit better without crack
The same crack that they brought in the ghetto to kill blacks
But a nigga still present so allow me to giftwrap
Drugs are like cheese
Cheese meaning a couple stacks
The hood is a mousetrap no love for the fucking rats
Real niggas where you at
In this fake ass world where they do anything to get they pockets fat

[Both together]
If you with me say fuck your beef

[Uptown AP]
All you studio gangsters who talking shit while niggas dying in the streets
So fuck your hype it don’t mean shit to me if you ain't sharing the wealth or helping a nigga eat
Fuck this shit

[Anything Ill]
Fuck em all
And fuck them niggas we reached out to for a feature who never returned our call
Go hard until I fall or until we win an award
Fresh out of my spacecraft no aliens involved. Mo fucker (repeat)

Citizens I urge you
No I beg you
Join me in this movement to say our planets pledge
We pledge of alligence to our swag
On the 6th planet of the slums
And to the people in which it stands
One life. One love. One god
Defining impossible with truth and justice for all
Fear not your government but teach your government to fear you

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 Planet VI - Fuck A Intro Lyrics

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