Tyga – Well Done 3 Lyrics

Here's “WELL DONE 3” LYRICS performed by TYGA.


Hagh, Fuck that, Fuck shit pay me
Rumors come and go, so I stay in a room presidential lately
Top of the roof, niggas start hating
Talk that shit, I aim for the bacon
Man I swear the game got so clay aiken
Bought a new crib, yo bitch say its spacious
Rise to the motha fucken money
Betta swear this shit about nothing
Why you niggas ballin on a budget
Boy dont get close, I press that button motha fucka
And my nigga…
Niggas washed up, start scrubbin
Nigga get your cover…
(please someone try to figure out the lyrics, I can't understand them really from the quality, maybe someone can do it better)

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Tyga - Well Done 3 Lyrics

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