Mario – Slow Down Lyrics

Here's “SLOW DOWN” LYRICS performed by MARIO.

Yeah, right, right
I can feel it, feel it, feel it
Turn the lights on!

I must admit, you've never been much of a talker, no!
When we make love, make me wanna say some things,
(Do you hear me baby!)
We're walking on air, your body is a...
(Right on!)
And I'll let you in, as long as we can play a game

And don't you dare slowing down (I keep her down)
She's so close, almost there now!
Don't you dare slowing down (don't wanna leave her)
There's just no time to spend now!
(I can feel her)
From the top of my head (feel her)
All the way to my waist (feel her)
We are over the bed, baby
(I can feel her)
No one else in the room (feel her)
Just me and you (feel her)
I think I'm about to slow
Don't you dare slowing down!

Please don't quit,
Pulling to bed your partner
(What's that again?)
Your love is the shit,
Baby, you blow my mind, yeah!
Turn the lights on!
Yeah, I'm love it, yeah, get early and off time
Doing that thing myself, true you make my sunshine
But, don't you dare slowing down!

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