Memphis Bleek – Everything Is For Take Lyrics


From stuffing money in sock drawers
To riding on G4’s
Meetings with millionaires
You tell me who sing more
Nigga realer than me, you still in that meths hole
Your feet touching these streets
The fuck is you stressed for?
You niggas glittering bitches
I got the chemist in the kitchen
Putting coke in position
You niggas snitches out here
We make them swim with the fishes
We using bitches as bait,
I know them strippers addicting
Me and my niggas we link,
Back to blowing that stink
We move the shit by the pound
Who gives a fuck what you think
No, I mean, that green, come with everything in between
My jeans, keep a knot in my glock got 16
I ruin dreams if a nigga tryina front
I pinky promise it to you that this ain’t what you want
I bring it a nigga simple and plane
If it ain’t abot the money, then it ain’t about me, hey
I’m rolling the dice, vegas getting rich
Young nigga 16 on the fucking strip
Sinners run the streets, holding guns every day
The hood never forgive, everything is for take

We living life like a dream, this ain’t a fantasy nigga
This shit reality
We fuck bitches like dainty, nigga
I spit it slow, I hope you understanding me nigga
If we don’t kick it that mean
We ain’t a family nigga
I keep it one hund’, you only keep it 60 my nigga
That’s why I never fuck with you, I stay bizy my nigga
And I be moving, like I brought another crib
Matter fact I did, just go buy another crib
Holler at me
I’m real to the core, my g
If it ain’t about the bread then don’t call my g
Any bitch I fuck with, they love to spoil my G
Cause anything they ever wanted, it just cost my g’s
My g, who hold it down like me?
Still rep the roc, those my g’s
You can’t do it like I do it, just admit it
And the day you give it up to a nigga
That’s when I finish you

I’m rolling the dice, 4,5,6
Young nigga in the bricks, tryina get rich
Sinners run the streets, holding guns every day
The hood never forgive, everything is for take.

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