Oun-P – Be The Boss Lyrics

Here's “BE THE BOSS” LYRICS performed by OUP-P.

It pays the cost to be the boss, time gets served
Lives get lost
You may not wanna kill him but sometimes you get forced
And I hope you understand the point I’m tryina get across
And to be a boss, you gotta have chips
Don’t nobody listen to somebody that ain’t got shit
A boss don’t put in no work, he put out that hit
And get called, right after that body bag gets zipped
Now you wanna be a boss, make sure your team decent
Don’t let nobody starve, make sure your team eating
Cause soon as them niggas start making those knots
Some of them will try to plot and try take in your spot
You gotta use your brain, you gotta move smart
Can’t show no fear, boss gotta have heart
And if you gotta bite, you don’t gotta have bark
A nigga can have a sword, but he gotta be sharp
Think about it nigga
Now, when you tryina become a boss in the corporate world
It’s a little different

It’s different type of bosses, which one do you wanna be
Come to me, I’m tryina be the boss of a company
So I can live comfortably
It’s gonna be a journey, don’t understand the paperwork
I call up my attorney, cause he gonna let me know if it’s a go off
It’s not my accountant, gotta be someone I realty trust with gwap
Cause if I check the statement and I see something’s gone
From the last time I checked,
Well that means something’s wrong
And now that’s stealing and I don’t plate with cake
I’ll apply pressure till I’ll see everything’s replaced
See to be a boss I know everything it takes
I gotta work hard for everything I make
And I ain’t grow up when everything was safe
Grew up where you can’t pass, cause everything is take
Taken for what it is, till everything gets straight
The hood turned me into the man I am today
A boss in the making.

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