Angel Haze – Gossip Folks Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Like rhyme with my new bitch
But I’m on my old shit
Yeah I hold the power that I control shit
Fucking bam wagon that them bitches jumping on it
Bet I rap circles on them bitches like an orbit
Bet I rap circles till they dizzy like a full twist
Bet I kill bitches till they killing up the morbid
Yea till I’m digging up their mortgage
And throw their bodies down like a preacher in a ball pit
Yeah I’m nasty dog maybe we can record it like Casio
Maybe you can bite us like Dracula
And put the head in when I fucking back it up
Nah I’m brash as fuck getting wetter than a motherfucking aqua duck
Getting wetter than a motherfucking bath of ducks
Hand run it so you bitches can’t pass it up

[Verse 2]
What the fuck these bitches wanna know about me
They ain’t one thing on earth I ain’t told about it
A month ago I was a nobody now everybody wanna fucking know about me
Bitch best respect my space stepping on your face like you detect my weight
Bitch I’m the best I see blowing like the motherfucking next Ali
Yo it’s the man down and I’m chilling with a motherfucking bad brown
And another bad chick that sends home when her face painted on like Van Gogh
Y’all motherfuckers know I’m nasty catch
Whatever motherfuckers coming at me gimme
Like motherfucker throw a cassie
And I better send them bitches going home happy

[Verse 3]
Once upon a time in Detroit
There’s was a little bitch born with a sweet voice
Saying all she ever wanted was to sing a song
And have a crowd full of people that sing along
But nobody gave a fuck that this was all off the top like a game of tuck
Duck, duck, duck, duck, goose
Bitch my flow wild like it’s been cut loose
And I’m running every lane like a wild hog
And I still kill bitches when I stubborn
Yo it wasn’t never really easy though
But I never let them think that they could see me though
‘Cause I was alone at the bottom
Kept getting played like Hilary Rhoda
Now I’m on top and I’m coming for you losers
Bitches said it couldn’t happen but I’m living fucking proof bitches
So now all this laugh was a shine on
Whip it out and wet the shit from my behind and
Y’all niggers thought you wouldn’t see my grind on
But I’ma do this every motherfucking time on you
Yo I ain’t even break a sweat
Making fucking heads spin till you break your neck
I’m playing armadillo straight respect
I’m putting heat till you bitches like fake bonnets
Look, I’m up up and away
Smacking any bitch who got something to say
I don’t give a fuck bitch is nothing to me
I wish a bitch would get tree stumped in her face
Yo tree stumped in her face, wait tree stumped in her face
I don’t give a fuck bitch is nothing to me
I wish a bitch would get tree stumped in her face

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Angel Haze - Gossip Folks Lyrics

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