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Here's EUROZ LYRICS to song “INTRO.”

I didn't have my best dreams while awake
Well aware of the preparation and time it take
I always took pride in all that I create
Really there were times I'd only write a couple lines a day
Swear I hate when niggas claim to be perfectionists
When the music they droppin' don't be reflecting it
I make my hottest records when the pressure hits
This is really my calling you just a receptionist
Was dealt the same cards as you but chose not to accept the shit
I plan to make alot out of the little God left me with
There's money to obtain hoes then fuck 'em some respect to get
Receive all the above through the gift of God I blessed them with
Dreams do happen and I'm a walking testament
Although I am the one I acknowledge those sudden peaks
Is really hepled get to where I am now
Niggas I ain't fucking within my past consider fam now
Las Vegas the modern day Ross Dean
Out to reach goals but we don't play for no Lacrosse teams
Really I'm different from what we've all seen
You so inferior in which involves dreams
Rolex gold watches and kashmir sweaters
I'm laughing at rappers tryin' to match last years effort ,why
'Cause absent past their efforts and efforts to bring in change
I used the cashiers method
They telling me I changed I laugh it off and say you late as fuck
If the money ain't change you debt in game make enough
Versatility's nedded I guess some niggas just can't adjust
And if this shit's really my dream then don't wake me up
Don't wake me up

I know my time coming forever being patient
Just a young as prodigy a legend in the making
Memo to inverstors what a meal you should bare one
'Cause this my first tape and they don't waiting on the next one
Regardless freshment acknowledge me as the best one
The game is full of body shit I'm alive before they catch one
Got retarded driving and this is just the test run
We focused on haters and we get less done
Making love to this rappin' until succes come
Never need a handout nor did I expect one
Overlooking offers 'cause I'm focused on the best one
Passed on it then used her for leverage when the rest come
Stash my vash through the same when the checks come
My knowledge of this game is so efficient I could ref one
Motherfucker I could ref one
The foundation ,yeah

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Euroz Intro

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