Tuki Carter feat. Lavish – Snoozing Lyrics


Ask my I couldn’t get to sleep
didn’t get, didn’t get to sleep
didn’t get to sleep, didn’t get to sleep

My mind makes money, my hand makes art
my heart shows love, my heart shows love
tell the name get the name and I sign this piece
so show us love, so show us love,
swaggin with our raggin is the model
we over here shit and two kids going in for the..
we over here turning up, I’m turning up on this bottle,
we over here money for them my life is rolling up this weed
we got to keep it on the wheel
ain’t nobody out there what we’re doing, we’re doing for real
aint’ nobody doing what we’re doing and keeping it real
they’ll be like the nigga to be doing this thing for real.
ah, last it to this tracks, ain’t nobody doing
what I’m doing on blex with that
ain’t nobody hatin on ..investment to come to this swag
and we is the best of that, the best of that, best of that

I didn’t get to see you,
didn’t get, didn’t get to see you,
didn’t get to see you, didn’t get
all I do is swag like a motherf*cker..in States
then my niggas laughin the building
I didn’t get to see you,
didn’t get, didn’t get to see you,
didn’t get to see you, didn’t get yeah turn up

Eating all alone we body full of work,
came from the bottom to the top I deserve it
can’t fuck around what a nigga that it hurt me
risk my career now fuck around now erfin
get three years, stead around writing verses
propheting my..in the swag on surface
all the check and the.. on surface
I deserve it, I deserve the shit
hard work I deserve the shit,
sound the deal to the game, hoes wanna know my name
ain’t no passenger sitting on I’m flying out in that plane,
happen out fly fuck doing on my feet,
body full of work fuck it till we eating you deep,
keep it paper rolled up, all paper pre-roll
and when the callies..
this tater game man, or die
Young Levi
told what up baby and I miss the game.

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Tuki Carter feat Lavish Snoozing Lyrics

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