Drop Decay – Charades Lyrics



Shes a bittersweet girl
Living in the real world
While Im just a boy with a heart on his head
Inside it's a total mess

But I wouldnt waste my time
Pretending that you were mine
And I pull some strings just to get to you
When I've got everything to lose

If I only had you
It wouldn't be so wrong to dream of the things we could do
Would it be alright if I tried and stole you away
We'll play a game of chasing tail
In the dark
We could fuel a fire tonight
And break the silence from this charade

Oh I remember the day when I
Had the guts to say hello
Took a lot of my confidence
I swallowed up my pride
When I found out she was spoken for
Three two one
My ego is bruised and on the ground
And I've been fighting it for the longest time
Trying to get you off my mind

In the backseat of this car
I could take you to where you'd rather be
And nothing ever really seems that far
When you make the great escape

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Drop Decay Charades Lyrics   Drop Decay   Charades

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