Mark Battles – Higher Lyrics



My, my, my as the worlds spins
12. 21 it’s when they say the world ends
Well you better hope so, cause if it don’t bro
2013 we gonn start a world trend
Girlfriends and they mama screaming
Oh my, she kinda geekin, and she claim she a Christian
But her draws missing, I’m tryina find a reason
Oh I’m no kind of deacon, that really ain’t my interest
More like a judge put you away in one sentence
Midwest henchman, and oh, did I mention?
We are much different, so keep your distance
I’m Michael Jordan, you’re Jordan Farmark
Speeding through the race, steady pace, just had a hard start
And here comes the hard part
Spitting so much flame, you ain’t seen this is charzar
Ash better catch em all, going by separate laws
The victim once I enter, you the winner cause you next to fall
Get it, I don’t brag, I can’t afford to
Y’all hate your lives, I wake up fine cause I’m more true
Qrst, cause I come before you
Everybody don’t got it, honest, it’s just a curfew

Do I bore you? Ain’t all about that weed and liquor
Y’all seem ... about as real as a jesus picture
Yeah, see I’ma show you clowns cause I broke you down
I’ma fold you now, like a roll of new towels
Gotta go crew style and my whole crew wild
Better hope you find, a better go to sound
Cause my flow grew now, when the...
It’s nasty, and I’m the authot,
So discrete, about to hit my peak like a stalker
Pickaboo, I’m here, wow, and it’s my year pal
God is all I fear now, y’all is just along for the ride John Deer style
And I bet they cheer now, and they gonna cheer loud
No use in boo me, straight as claim they in me
Been on tour for few weeks, now girls say I’m unique
Bout my paper loosly, finally got a few sheets
Labels just like who he, I’m just tryina do me
Remain hef and honor, your life for a quarter
You a change for a dollar, it’s Battles
It’s fly America, it’s fly America!

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Mark Battles - Higher Lyrics

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