The Static – So Wrong Lyrics


“So Wrong”

Uh oh, here we go/ back to a place that I've been before
she's had a few and she wants more
he's in the bedroom right next door
and i know, its not right/ but maybe, just for the night
just for the moment, not for long/ would it be so wrong?

I'm thinking thoughts I shouldn't be thinking
Drinking drinks I shouldn't be drinking
Making moves I shouldn't be making, on you

So keep your voice down, don't you know they're listening
Keep your eyes closed, nobody has to know
Keep your hands on me, nobody's looking
I know it's not right, but the way that you're coming on
Would it be so wrong?

I'm torn, thinking through, a 4-letter word for the way you move
A little white lie so close to the truth,
sealed with a kiss til your lips get loose
you know, it's not right, but you still want me tonight
One more drink give it one last thought, and don't get caught

Thinking thoughts, thinking it over
One more shot, move a little closer
I can't stop, I can't resist her whisper

I tried to stay away, you tried to shut me out
Now I can't concentrate, you're all I think about
You're tired of being with him, i'm tired of being alone
And he's gonna start to get suspicious seeing you on the phone
He's gonna go through your calls, he's gonna see my name
He's gonna figure out why you've been staying out so late
Oh does he know i'm here, oh, is he coming upstairs
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and he's right outside

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The Static So Wrong Lyrics

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