Device – Vilify Lyrics



[Verse 1]
As you Vilify every single move that I make
And try to lull me into your insanity,
You'll come to know that you never had control from the outset.
Go find another lapdog, Fucker!

Meaning to terrify every single word that I say
just let me whistle it with our disparity.(?)
Leave me alone!
Take another wretched soul on the hell-ride,
Go find more susceptible sucker!

I can't believe this is happening.
I don't wanna start over again,
Still, I keep falling over again and again and AGAIN!

When you Vilify you begin to nullify
Everything that we've ever done!
You're fucking with my head!
As you vilify all I've ever given
I don't want to fall apart anymore!
I want to end it right NOW!

When you Vilify I start to ponder
Every battle ever fought, every thought.
Imploding in my head!
As you Vilify I need something to feel
And I will force you to devour enough.
Why don't we end it right NOW?!

[Verse 2]
I've had my fill and I think I've had enough when you
o-pen your mouth
Every word incenses me!
Don't wanna know why your every waking moment
revolves around criticizing every part of me.
Another ??? I cannot be defined
from the blood and the soul and let it flow incessantly!
And let every minute be a reminder of
How you let it all come crashing down!



And when you're broken and bitter inside
and reality sucks 'cause you know I'm right.
All over nothing and forgiving(?) inside.
Well doesn't it suck just to know we're RIGHT?!

[Chorus x2]

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