Fresco Kane – Fresco Kane Lyrics


“Fresco Kane”

JAy d’S ..on the line change my life
I’ve been dope boy fresh like my whole life
fresh cocaine what the hoes scream
got em addicted to me like I’m go game
drug shit yeah our whole way
told east ain’t side for the long way
got em hatin hard on me ’cause I roll bill
87 cuttie on some generates
black on black shit mess my outfit
keeping real homie nothing bout me count on fit
that’s why I’ma watch you who you count on with
so so deff we ain’t never with
tryin to keep on with me better get your brawl
this is what I do like ain’t shit left
Fresco, is what they screaming out
fuck them niggas in the grau watch me pull the mouth


I ain’t Fresco Kane,
balling in the streets like a freaking go bang
got a whole lot of money all the bitches know the name
every..shawty got me bust go Kane
hole up, Fresco, hole up, Fresco, yeah
Fresco, Fresco, Fresco
man let’s go pain
water in the streets like a freaking cocaine

ahh been hot from the start
born and raised on the east side of the up
so what’s up, who rockin with this nigga Fresco
and diamonds from the wrist tot he earn notes
if I hit the cheaters out to be a cina foe
come through the dough they freeze up like a pitch of foe
like ain’t see the ghost, you should see my ghost
and the best mutt just because I’m rappin so so
my bro oh keep that thing on this zip so
so what’s the name of this instrumental
let’s go cane, bitch I do my thing
when you take this streets guarantee is gonna bang
talking on the LA shut up the homie LA
choppie rap it sometimes, I’ll be rappin all day
ASTL what it be from balling that lease
knock me on my spot nigga please, Fresco


Okay, Fresco Kane what ym name
kill these nigga by enemies what my language
every day I’m ballin yeah I’m chaining
hatin niggas they just sayin on me ’cause they angry
me I’m do it sumo, swaggin on and do know
mister I don’t do it baby do it mami chulo
bout my chips like a fredo, cinaville zero
chop this club that they dance like tito
all about the nero like I live Rio
tell em BM slash with the so so
flash like a photo, seven hoes in the photo
they stop until I got my kate long like my tumbo
me I go bracko call me till ..
try to tell em I’ve been had the voice see low
green I’m bout that poppin and make the bounce back
just ’cause I’m well known to the hood as Fresco Kane


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