Jonas Brothers – Pom Poms Lyrics


“Pom Poms”

So come on girl
Put your Pom Poms down
and let's have some fun
Cause everytime I see you
I just can't resist any second in your eyes
You know fate has mysterious ways
But I know I must be with you, yeah, yeah
Drop those Pom Poms them
Cause that ain't life for you

The Jo Bros have revealed to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“ exclusively their next upcoming single will be “Pom Poms” and we can expect the track to drop this Spring.

In fact, they just shot the video last Saturday!

So what can we expect the song and video to be like? The video, shot in New Orleans, was complete with the cheerleading squads from the Saints and Hornets as well as the marching band for Southern University.

And to us, it sounds like the perfect tune to be played during half time shows and sports arenas near and far!

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