Tsu Surf – Roc Freestyle Lyrics


“Roc Freestyle”

By now you might know the man well,
Earlier you had no texts, I feel like Johnny Mandel
The next lap I’m still balling, though,
Blind ‘em up, barber show.
Rock a few fellas I had still miss the car to flow
And decided I’m too cool for trying
My new bitch tried to introduce me to sushi diet,
Fuck it, give it a test shot,
That’s just a compromise for a head player x-box
Ok, this track, don’t let me get side-track
Couple seconds in is usually where I stutter.
Low cutter, excuse, no alcohol,
I could get it delivered, that’s just a part of all.
Be aware you’d get killed around here,
You’re some forty year old, not cool, still around here.
Eatsy hop made a mil around here,
I was young, I was young, but it’s still around here.
I know they’re hating that they’re waiting and their fear is
What they gonna do when they see log beating that teams?
What they gonna do when can’t set my phone for that feature shit
I was just chilling, but I told them they unleashed the beast
For like the whole thing, I feel it in the air,
Stop toting stamps, got something to kill it now.
Let me represent this all first,
When I click it down, boy, that mean that man all sqort.
Not some tiny locks to test wig on,
Neighborhood, we live hard, cali calls the big draw.
But I don’t really wanna take you there,
Feel like cobi out in denver, you all hate it there.
Funny part is I don’t even play the tough guy,
I just trust eyes down and let it go if they must try.
More than telly pumps with some pretty jaw
And I already say jaw, but this my feeling charm
If it ain’t over, embed and I’m gonna win again
One fifteen, cold hearted, I was with it then.
These anties got me looking through the blinds,
This ain’t tripping in time, was possibly my time.
The crowd cheer, but I ain’t comfortable, I won’t reclime
My dad say I’m super fresh when I push the shine
I’m getting rebounce, I pass the vodka around,
I’m in doubt, pull it from deep, I got a vodka now.

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