Sarah Geronimo – Make Me Yours Lyrics


"Make Me Yours"

Seems that fate has gone out here to play
Holding dear today,
And just leaves you tomorrow
How can one avoid an impending pain
Write his own destiny and get on his way

Speak to me, though I am unworthy
It’s your voice I long to hear
Take away my doubts and fears
Stay with me though I am unworthy
‘Cause it’s you that I want
And it’s you that I need
Make me yours, only yours
And never let me go


Blinded with the beauty before my eyes
Makes me one with the world
Who laughs with countless foolish hearts

They say that mercy comes with waiting
A future that’s unseen
Hope, though everything keeps failing

Repeat Chorus except last line

Darkness blinds and wakes my eyes
Retrieve me with your guiding light
Save me from the fire that burns my soul
Songs of love turned into lies
Tears were cried and died overnight
Break my heart and make me whole again

Repeat Chorus

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