David DiMuzio – Light In The Dark (Liwanag Sa Dilim)

David DiMuzio feat. Shane Tarun Again


“Light In The Dark”
(English Version of Liwanag Sa Dilim)

You've been sitting there just waiting
As the one who'll part the clouds
On the gloomiest of mornings

The bell will call to them
They'll walk, swim, fly, and crawl
The land around us will awaken
To the sound

You will be the one to say
"Kaya mo to!"
Like a torch in a gale storm
You're the fire that will glow

Will you stand up, will you shout out
You can be the brightest star
You are the light in the dark
Will you bravely start to sing
The song that's in your heart
You are the light in the dark

And as you challenge them
And all that they believe's
The path of history
You will be the force to carve a new road

Hear the anthem now and sing
"Kaya mo to!"
One prayer offered up to finish our goal

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