Gracenote – “Far Away”

Gracenote Far Away

“Far Away”
Why can't I fight this feeling?
Is there any way to endure this loneliness
That consumes me inside... inside...
I always whisper
All the things I feel for you
But deep down I know I wanted
To be heard...

I have you but yet I don't
You were close but yet so far away...
Oh I'm just too weak
To face the truth that I love you...
I love you...

II: (Do same chords as I)

Why can't I say it
That deep down I want to give you
One perfect slow dance
The way you want me to

I won't say a word
Nor tell you sweet words
I will just hold you as if it's my last
My last...

(Repeat )

'Cause I'm afraid we can never be.

(Repeat twice)

E - E - E - A9

“Grace note” is an actual musical note that embellishes the harmony or melody of a song. They may see small and insignificant but in the world of true music these notes make all the difference.

We are a collection of artists whose common goal is to simply make great music. How we bring this music to the world is our commitment: to always make every performance a distinct and remarkable experience for our audience.

Gracenote (Eunice Jorge – lead vocalist, Chen Pangan – Guitar and backup vocal, Jazz Jorge – Bassist, EJ Pichay – Drums) was founded in the hallways of St. Scholastica’s College Manila where they first met with the exception of Jazz, who was recently added after their former bassist left the band at 2009.

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