Curse & Bless – Sushi Dance – Official Video

Curse & Bless has released her first official music video for their single, “Sushi Dance”! For their major label debut, DJ-producers Curse & Bless, or Jared Celemin and Karen Toyoshima, have issued a quirky titled, EDM track that is part storytelling involving Japanese lyrics, L.E.D. kicks, ninjas and the all-important mystic sushi that prompts every eater to bust out some spirited moves at every taste. With a compelling synth motif and a driving beat, "Sushi Dance" is the perfect entry point to the world of O.P.E.D.M. and Curse & Bless.

Congrats, Titot and Karen. Job very well done!

Watch the music video below:

Curse & Bless – Sushi Dance – Official Video

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